Working with LRCH

Legends Ranch Custom Homes is a full-service Custom Home and Barndominium Builder based in Abilene Texas. From initial design to the final product, our results speak for themselves. With a team of professionals who prioritize top-quality service, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the excellent results we’ll deliver.

The pros & cons of new construction

If you are like most new home buyers then you need to be aware of some of the pros and cons of buying a new home vs an older home or even a spec home.

Building a new home comes with a lot of pros over buying an older home. You will have peace of mind knowing that everything in your newly built home will be new and under warranty. A newly built home will be built to meet or exceed today's building standards. When buying an older or remodeled home its hard to know what exactly has or has not been upgraded or remodeled correctly, you may not even know what the electrical and plumbing looks like behind the sheetrock, or just how bad the foundation is. When building a new home you can build it the way you want it! It is estimated that home buyers spend between $21,800 & $64,800 just to remodel the kitchen after purchasing an older home or changing a spec home to the owner's taste.

Building a new home also has its cons. Fully customizing a new home and adding all premium features can tend to get pricy. While we strive to make it the home building process quick and simple for our customers it can still be a lengthy process and delays can happen whether its due to material shortages, financing, weather, or any other common issues. Our team at Legends Ranch strives to keep the process stress free for our customers and mitigate any delays that may present themself.

The LRCH Experience

Your customized experience working with our team of professionals can be broken down into multiple phases. Our team is excited to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to making your dreams become a reality.

- Initial meeting with our team

      During our initial meeting, we will discuss your home design, home building location, budget, and/or financing. Our knowledgeable staff will also help you understand every step of the process to include the financing.

-Site meeting and planning

      We will visit your projected home site to assess the location. here we will discuss any foreseeable concerns or issues. Site preparation will be discussed and site planning will begin.

-Finale planning and preparation 

      During this phase, we will visit with you and finalize a game plan to getting your dream home built. We will discuss the design plan, construction cost, finale agreement, financing, and any other details or specs that need to be discussed for your project.official agreements will be signed by all parties involved.

-Construction phase

      Construction will begin! Permits will be obtained, construction crews will be scheduled and the building process will begin. Our staff will remain in contact with you regarding progress and making selections and decisions for finishing materials. We will continue to monitor your budget with you and discuss any overages that will need to be addressed. Your home will also undergo multiple inspections along the way by us as well as the lender. 

-Final stages and closing

       Getting close to living in your newly built custom home! final inspections and appraisal will take place. A final walkthrough with you where we ensure everything is satisfactory and discuss details on using certain appliances and features as well as care and maintenance. Everything for your new home will be finished and ready for you to move in! we will "close" on your home with the final signing of paperwork and handing over keys and any other relevant items and information. Congratulations on your new Home by Legends Ranch Custom Homes!